Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do I Really Have To Wait 1 Year To Get My Occupational License

The length of wait for obtaining an occupation license in OWI cases is dependant upon a few things. Generally, the eligibility or waiting period is as follows:

1. Administrative Suspension - no waiting period;

2. Suspension for Underage Absolute Sobriety Violation - no waiting period;

3. Revocation for 1st Offense - no waiting period;

4. Revocation for 2nd Offense - 60 day waiting period;

5. Revocation for 3rd Offense - 90 day waiting period;

6. Revocation with prior Offense with last 5 years - 1 year waiting period.

Keep in mind that you may be able to obtain an occupational license immediately in any of these situations if you lose your license prior to a conviction on the current charge, so long as you obtain SR22 insurance and are approved at the DMV, after having filled out its forms. But, if your case later concludes with a conviction, you will then lose your occupational license and have to wait out any required waiting period, as shown above.

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