Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are There Places That I Can Be Or Drive Without Getting Arrested For OWI

People have been saying to me lately, "I heard that there are places where I can drive and not get arrested for drunk driving, is this true?"

Yes! However, I would never recommend driving drunk anywhere. But, this is how it breaks down, OWI laws are applicable to these locations:

1. all highways;

2. all roadways and premises held out to the public for use of their motor vehicles, e.g., parking lots;

3. all areas provided by employers to employees for the use of their motor vehicles;

4. all premises provided to tenants of rental housing in buildings of four or more units for the use of their motor vehicles, whether publicly or privately owned and whether or not a fee is charged for use;

5. but, OWI laws do NOT include private parking areas at farms or single-family residences.

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